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Department of Biochemistry

Courses Offered
  • M Sc
  • Ph D
Course Structure: M Sc Biochemistry

Semester I
Code Paper Title
BCT-411 Bio-organic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry
BCT-412 Cell Biology and Microbiology
BCT-413 Intermediary Metabolism I
BCT-414 Techniques in Biochemistry
BCP-415 Laboratory Course I

Semester II
Paper Code Paper Title
BCT-421 Protein Structure and Enzymology I
BCT-422 Molecular Biology I
BCT 423 Bioenergetics and Biomembranes
BCT 424 Intermediary Metabolism II
BCP 425 Laboratory Course II

Semester III
Code Paper Title
BCT-531 Protein Structure and Enzymology II
BCT-532 Molecular Biology II
BCT 533 Molecular Physiology
BCT-534 Immunology
BCP 535 Laboratory Course III

Semester IV
Code Paper Title
BCT 541 Elements of Biotechnology
BCT-542 Nutritional and Clinical Biochemistry
BCT-543 Plant Biochemistry
BCT 544 Environmental Biochemistry
BCP 545 Laboratory Course IV